A Revolutionary Teaching Tool

PracticeTracker is an online music education tool that allows students to describe their practice sessions in a journal, receive feedback from their teachers, and set and monitor goals for themselves. Writing regularly and communicating with their teachers helps students keep lesson concepts fresh during the week, while tools for setting personal goals and listening to recorded music inspire students to become more independent and involved in the direction of their practice program.

"My generation is internet-based, so having PracticeTracker online makes it convenient. Also, it is really easy and enjoyable to use."

—Jaclyn, age 17

Learn how to use PracticeTracker by checking out our feature list and demo the student interface. If you're a student of a teacher who uses PracticeTracker, ask your teacher to activate your free account today. Teachers can create an account with PracticeTracker and receive a free 30-day trial. If you decide to continue using the site, you’ll pay our special introductory rate of only $9.99 per month, which includes unlimited student accounts for you.

"Eve is really enjoying PracticeTracker. She actually told me that she likes to practice just so she can place an entry into the tracker! I think she feels more ownership over her practice sessions because of the tracker system."

—Geralynn, parent

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